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"Facts are stubborn things."


Candidate Tim Gull

Working Hard For You

Would you like to earn $135,000 per year doing a part-time job?

I’m fed up with the huge salaries for our part-time Linn County Supervisors.

My name is Tim Gull and I’m tired of having our tax dollars wasted. The salaries for Linn County Supervisors have increased steadily to $106,000/year, plus IPERS benefits, a $4,000 travel allowance, and health insurance.

Each part-time supervisor earns $135,000 per year, with benefits. This is unacceptable. All salary increases are approved by a compensation board. This board has seven members, two of whom are appointed by these same supervisors.   

Combined, our seven supervisors cost us tax payers $675,000 per year! 

This amount is way out of line with other county supervisors across this country. For example:

  • Dubuque County supervisors receive $41,463 per year
  • Nebraska state county supervisors average $20,000 per year
  • Washington state county supervisors average $67,000 per year
  • Polk County supervisors (the most populated county in Iowa) earn just $85,998 per year

I’m committed to saving all Linn County taxpayers money. If elected, I will work as your Linn County Supervisor to reduce this part-time position salary to $50,000 per year, per person. 

I will also commit to finish the Tower Terrace project. As a businessman, I know there are plenty of businesses waiting for this project to be completed before they can begin construction. Let’s give them the opportunity to build and to create more jobs in Linn County.

The Linn County Supervisors need someone with business sense. I have owned and operated a business, Metro Transmission, for more than 26 years. I am also a proud military veteran.

None of our current supervisors have owned a business, created a product or service, or served our country. I will represent the working business community. I will save tax dollars for hard working Linn County residents.

Facts are stubborn things. That’s why I thought it was time someone told you the truth. I’m an honest person who wants the best for his community. Vote for me as your next Linn County Supervisor.